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The Way We Began


Initiated in 1973, Tashkent Oil Company Pvt. Ltd. (Tashkent) was formed with a vision to produce quality industrial oils that matched high quality standards at an affordable price. We are today one of the primary producers of specialty lubricants in the country, under the brand TASHOIL, currently producing around 10 million litres per year. We offer a comprehensive range of lubricants designed to meet the performance requirements of modern automotive engines and other diverse industry.

It is the revolutionary and maverick approach of the founders that has led to the establishment as well as progressive growth of the Company. The prime objective of the Company has always been to manufacture cost-effective oils of premium quality that are at par with the international standards. This was radical thinking, when compared to those times when manufacturers were satisfied meeting local needs and indigenous norms. We have reached a position of leadership and significance in the markets with the support and expertise of a team of highly trained specialists. Our first plant was set up at Nandesari, Gujarat, to produce 100.000 litres of oil.

The Saga of Success

Tashkent's international grade oils proved to be proficient and popular with the requirements and economics of Indian marketplace. The expansion and enhancement of the plant became inevitable soon, as the demand for our products increased to manifold. We had to triple our production within five years' time. To keep up with the increasing orders, enhanced capacity was established in 1980. The years that went by clearly reflect the upward chart of the Company's progress. By 1983, Tashkent's refineries achieved a production of 500,000 litres. In the following decade, the volumes increased more than ten-fold. By the end of 1994, Tashkent registered a record- breaking production level of 5,000,000 litres. The continuing pace has propelled the Company to a capacity of 10 million litres per annum.

Our pledge to provide cost-effective, high performance oils has been the key success factor. We are today a market leader and a preferred choice with a major client base, in India and abroad.

The Leading Edge

We are a Company that lays emphasis and importance to innovation, enterprise, know-how and customer service. The Company's R&D facility houses advanced equipment and stringent quality control systems for developing specialty lubricants and enhancing the standard of product performance. We are proud to have skilled team of technocrats and scientists who are among the best in their field. They constantly endeavor to make pioneering achievements in the field. Our wide range of high-performance oils at truly competitive rates is the significant outcome of this holistic approach people, process and technology-taken by the Company.

Most Acceptable Products in
Engineering & Bearing industries are:

  • Neat Cutting Oil (Lubrash D 15/16/30/31 - A/B/C)
  • Honing Oil (Lubrash D 05)
  • Gun Drilling Oil (Lubrash GD1 & GD10),
    Deep Hole Drilling Oils
  • Grinding Oil (Lubrash G-25 EP)
  • Broaching Oils (Lubroach 14 & 18)
  • Quenching Oil (SP Oil Q-70)
  • Hydraulic Oils (Hydrash H, HLP, R & O)
  • Rust Preventives: (PP-35, PP-38, PP-40, PP-12, PP-04, PP-06, PP-10)
  • Water Soluble Cutting Oils


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Tashkent Oil Company Pvt. Ltd.

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